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Shane Targett

Shane Targett is a widely-respected international authority in the field of inventory optimisation. On leaving the UK MoD as a senior Royal Air Force officer in 1999, he consulted for a variety of military and civil organisations worldwide using mathematical models to optimise inventory. Realising that traditional approaches to inventory optimisation were falling considerably short of achieving a truly optimal performance, Shane began developing approaches and algorithms to deliver better results.

Shane founded his consulting firm GIODE Ltd in 2002 and since 2006, has focussed on developing the Cost-Weighted Back-Order (CWBO) inventory optimisation algorithm which the UK MoD first trialled in 2009. Encouraged by the results of these early tests, which achieved reductions of both stock shortage (by 90%+) and inventory investment (by 20%+), Shane developed the software tool Red Cube to bring the benefits of CWBO to the wider marketplace.


The Development and Testing Team


Head of Development & Testing: Amit Vachhar

Amit Vachhar graduated with a BSc in computing. He is an experienced IT Manager and works out of our satellite office in India. Following completing his MBA in Information Management in the UK, he returned to India where he worked on numerous projects with various technology organisations, including IBM, Wipro and Sun Microsystems.
Over the past few years, Amit has developed a wealth of experience in building and running intranet and internet solutions, as well as managing the variety of technical issues which face our clients!


Senior Programmer: Sandeep Dhankhar

Sandeep Dhankhar graduated with a Bachelor in Computer Applications (BCA) in 2004 from Kurukshetra University in Northern India and subsequently completed his post-graduate diploma in Computer Applications 2005.  His education culminated in 2007 and with an MSc in Computer Software.  That same year he joined Mango IT solutions before moving to Sunbeam Universal in 2008 as a software developer.  After working on numerous, discrete projects, Sandeep joined Inventory Optimisation in 2011 and was appointed software development manager in 2012.  Sandeep is married, with a young son and enjoys spending time with his family.





QA & Testing Manager: Rajesh Kumar Sharma

Rajesh Kumar Sharma graduated with a BSc in Mathematics and Physics from the Dr B.R.A. University in Agra, India in 2000.  He then undertook a diploma in computer science at the F-tech institute New Delhi before taking up his first professional appointment with Assam Bearings – also in Delhi.  In 2006 he began studying part-time for his Masters of Computer Applications (MCA) at the renowned IGNOU, University in New Delhi which he successfully completed in 2010.  In 2009 he joined Tera Software Ltd. Hyderabad (Under guidance of NICSI, New Delhi) where he was responsible for application testing.  Rajesh joined the team early in 2011 and is now personally responsible for the maintenance and development of QA and testing of Red Cube.  Rajesh is married, and enjoys reading and film-going.


Customer Support






Oliver Barnard

Inventory Optimisation’s newest and youngest team member, Oliver Barnard is a bright, incisive, multi-lingual graduate with a BSc (hons) in mathematics from England’s prestigious Durham University.  He achieved 4 A-grades at A-level at Reading school (one of the oldest in England – originally founded in 1125).   Oliver provides customer support and is one of our two graduate mathematicians.  His role thus includes assuming responsibility for enhancing the technical verification and validation of Red Cube software to ensure its continued mathematical accuracy.  He has already developed and documented new highly complex test-sets to detect any statistical and/or mathematical errors, inconsistencies or anomalies which might arise following future development.  Oliver is amassing an extensive knowledge of the latest development and research in the field of inventory optimisation and has already identified opportunities for further improvement to the company’s proprietary algorithms.


Laura Bevan-Stuart

Laura Bevan-Stuart

Laura Bevan-Stuart is currently the Senior Supply Chain Manager at Flight Support Services of Canada. From 2007 -2014, she was primarily responsible for managing the commercial contracts to sustain the UK RAF, in particular their fleet of Tristar L-1011 aircraft. She was personally responsible for keeping the L-1011 fleet inventory available, having enough inventory for an off the shelf satisfaction rate above 85% – exceeding the contract requirements.
Laura brings this knowledge and experience to support of Red Cube and she is the first point of contact for customers in North America.


Lisa Brown

Lisa Brown

Lisa Brown is a very highly-qualified Supply Chain professional with 15 years of experience primarily in the Defence sector. She has a proven track record of delivering high quality outcomes on time and within budget.
Lisa brings enormous experiences from her many, diverse, past roles where she has developed her specialist skills and achieved successful outcomes across a wide range of logistics activities. These range from Integrated Logistics Support through Supply Chain Management, Project Management, performance management, Policy and Strategic Planning to Human Resource management. Lisa is a first class communicator who truly understands the need to listen carefully, research thoroughly and isolate the key facts to determine to the root cause of any issue. Lisa has completed her Master of Management (Human Resources Management) qualifications and is studying for a Master of Project Management.

Lisa works for RubiKon and provides first level support to Red Cube Users throughout Australasia.

Sales Team






Chris Otley Doe

Australia & Pacific sales

Chris Otley-Doe  is a graduate from UMIST in Manchester with a MSc in Operations Management and was a Supply and Logistics Officer in the Royal Australian Air Force and the Royal Air Force for a combined period of 30 years.  He left the armed forces as a senior officer after concluding his role as the Director for Business Management for the Army Aviation Systems Project Office in 2007.  Chris worked initially as a Senior Associate at Lambert and Rehbein in Brisbane before becoming a founding Director of Rubikon in 2009.  Rubikon is now Inventory Optimisation’s sole marketing and support agent in the Asia Pacific region and also covers southern Africa.


Jonathan Sumner

Jonathan Sumner

Commercial Enterprise sales

Following an MBA at City University Business School in London, Jonathan served in a range of marketing management and strategy roles with United Airlines, Delta Air Lines and Hilton International. In 2001 he joined new aircraft designer Farnborough Aircraft developing an innovative new light air taxi aircraft and associated operating software. Since then he has been involved in a number of business start-ups and new ventures, primarily in the business aviation and digital marketing sectors, most recently as Managing Director of innovative new online private jet service He joined Flight Support Services of Canada as COO in 2012 to develop and bring to market new technology-led supply chain solutions.

As Chief Operating Officer for Flight Support Services and technology-led subsidiary First Echelon, Jonathan leads the company’s business development, project implementations and client services in North America.


David Macleod

David MacLeod

David MacLeod is the elder statesman of the Inventory Optimisation team. He graduated from the University of Leeds in 1968 and over the last 46 years, has amassed a truly vast and detailed understanding of the many problems, solutions, issues and opportunities in the field of Supply Chain Management. Unlike many of his colleagues, David’s experience is not drawn from a military background. He has worked (up to Managing Director level) for some of the biggest names in manufacturing and distribution.

Now, reflecting on a “lifetime in logistics” David’s primary interest is to engage with the newest generation of Supply Chain Managers to share his experience and continue learning from theirs.

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