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We enable you to maximise availability of your MRO inventory with minimum cost and waste. Together, we will raise your performance and lower your costs.

We guarantee it.

Our highly qualified, experienced team is guided by renowned academics, continuously advancing the science of inventory planning by studying (and contributing to) cutting-edge research.

We delight in sharing that knowledge through training, consultancy and software development. Our Red CubeĀ® software solution is the first-to-market implementation of the Cost-Weighted Back-OrderĀ® algorithm which lets you access the benefits of every significant breakthrough and latest discovery in the field of MRO inventory planning and forecasting.

We provide also free, downloadable, educational resources and offer free on-line consultations.

We are working with MRO clients across the world to deliver results that are redefining their expectations of optimal inventory performance.

Contact us, we really love to help.







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