• Inventory Optimisation

    The only way to truly maximise inventory availability and minimise waste is by inventory optimisation which many solution providers claim already to deliver. To prove they do not, we offer a free comparison (using your actual demand history) to verify the true extent of performance improvements you could achieve.

  • About Us

    At Inventory Optimisation we understand that extracting the greatest value and performance from supply chains requires optimising the inventories (spare parts, components and raw material) at each link. Lead by academics, drawing from the very latest research, we provide a truly advanced, innovative,software solution that delivers to clients, across a range of sectors, state-of-the-art inventory optimisation that is simple to implement and use.

  • Customers

    Established in 2011, by 2013 Inventory Optimisation already had a client-list mainly in the aerospace and defence sectors whose combined annual Revenue exceeds US $10 Billion and this number is growing. Also by the end of 2013, the value of inventory managed using Red Cube software was over US $1 Billion but this number is reducing. In short, increasingly more clients are selecting to waste less money on sub-optimal inventory by implementing our Red Cube software solution.


Free inventory health check

Is your inventory performance truly optimum? We offer a completely complimentary, confidential and no commitment inventory health check. We use your demand history to demonstrate the performance you could achieve through inventory optimisation. We provide detailed results identifying your greatest inventory cost-risks, whether you are under or over stocked on any item and the extent of any performance improvement or cost saving that could be achieved. The process is quick, easy and free. So, why not find out more?


Product and Services

Inventory Optimisation

By definition, a truly optimum solution cannot be beaten; it exactly balances performance and cost to achieve maximum efficiency. Inventory Optimisation can prove our unbeatable solution delivers significant improvement over any other method. We quantify how much performance will increase and costs will reduce. To discover how, please click on the image above.


Red Cube development continues to be driven by cutting-edge research. It uniquely combines the very latest advances in inventory forecasting, segmentation and optimisation with the proprietary Cost-Weighted Back-Order algorithm. Currently, Red Cube is the only commercially-available tool to do this. To discover more, please click on the image above.


Red Cube is remarkably easy to implement and features an intuitive, user-friendly interface. It is supported by an extensive help function and a comprehensive user-manual. In addition, our highly-trained team are available to support users at every step. To learn more about the support provided, please click on the image above.


Our core team of experts is augmented by strategic partners. Operating in North America, Australasia and the Far East, our partners represent us in their region by providing sales and technical support. For more information about our partners, please click on the image above.